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Women's Temple 5-7 May

Women's Temple

Friday 5th till Sunday 7th of May

A weekend for women, who are deeply connected with themselves and feel a desire to connect from this place with each other. A weekend rich of pleasure, softness, intimacy and revelations.

Sensualiteit, sisterhood

05-05 10:00 t/m 07-05 17:00

Yes it felt time for a 2.0 variation of our indescribable beautiful and always magical 'Ode to the Yoni' journey. For this weekend we felt to invite the previous participants AND other women who also have made their personal journey into deepening their femininity and sensuality. Warmly Welcome in celebrating ourSelves, our bodies, pleasure, longings & sensitivity.  

The days will be filled with 

- Tantric massages

- Taoïstistic  rituals

- Singing Circles

- Wheel of Consent

- Sensual dance

- Sensual Oil Play

We will offer a space where your desires are welcomed to be seen, heard and maybe even realised. Together we hold each other in softness and acceptation so  shame and other blocking thoughts can melt away. 


Women's Temple 5-7 May

For who?

Women that long for:


- more intimacy with other sisters 


- a weekend to soften, where we pause the time, and celebrate fun and pleasure. 

- a deeper meeting with the sensual woman within. 

- un-shaming of enjoying pleasure 

- bringing the innosence back to intimacy between women. 

- bathing in YIN energy

- being held and seen in her desires. 


& women that either joined our 'Ode to the Yoni' journey or women that dove into their own exploration of embodying their femininity and sensuality. 

(In case you haven't joined our 'Ode to the Yoni' journey, please first contact Maartje to feel deeper if this Temple Weekend resonates. (0638053348) . 


Also this weekend will take place in the beautiful location, surrounded by forest and dunes @

AVANI Retreat Center, Helvoirt


Abundant Support a sister: 888
Standard: 777
Low income: 666


& If you want to bath in Luxury; there's the opportunity to enjoy a 2-person private room. This is 250 euro for 2 nights. 

Sensualiteit, sisterhood
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