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Yoni egg, Ode aan de Yoni


Guided Tao Tantric Feminine Embodiment and Yoni Egg practice by Imaya Renee.

2 hours for yourself, with your-Self.

Welcome, it's my absolute honour and pleasure to guide you (and myself) throughout different Tao Tantric practices. We devote this time to lovingly touch and meet our bodies, travel through the inner landscapes & harmonise and soften our energy field to prepare well before moving into the yoni egg practice.   


Even though there will be guidance for the yoni egg practice, you certainly don't have to insert the egg to gain benefit from this practice. It's always more important to listen to your yoni's truth in the moment. 

Yoni egg, Ode aan de Yoni

Nieuwe Maan Yoni ei Ceremonie
08/05  20:00 - 22:00 (CET)


Possible benefits of Yoni egg practice

First and foremost, in my opinion, the most important benefit is that the yoni egg supports you to deepen the connection with your yoni, sensuality and sexual energy, and the effects of only this is not to catch in words or fully imaginable, but surely it will change the ways we live, choose, create, speak & connect etc in this world tremendously. Besides that, other benefits of jade egg practice are:


  • Enhanced strength, tone and sensation in the vagina

  • Feel grounded, centered and empowered in yourself

  • Massaging the reflexology zones of the internal organs

  • Increased sensation and lubrication in the vagina

  • Supports a strong core and healthy organs (prevents prolapse)

  • Strengthens bladder - good for chronic UTIs and incontinence

  • Reduction in PMS, menstrual and menopausal symptoms

  • Stronger orgasms, and an increased ability to have full body, multiple, and energetic orgasms

  • Increased brain - yoni connection helps integrate your sexuality into the rest of your being

  • Clears past negative sexual experiences and trauma that can cause pain, disconnection, or lack of sensation

  • Improve overall physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

  • Empowerment to heal and love yourself

How to prepare your space?


- Make it comfortable!

Check with yourself what you need/want to feel completely safe and comfortable.

Think for example of a warm blanket, candles on, extra pillows, door locked, window curtains closed/open, being able to look in the mirror, inform housemates, invite a sister, socks on/off, shower before etc. allow yourself to be creative, you're worth it! 

- Prepare your egg

If it's the first time you will use the egg, it's important to cleanse your egg by either pouring boiled water over it (only possible with jade and obsidian with other crystals you need to wait a little for the water to cool down otherwise they might crack), and use organic soap to sterilise the egg. Do not use alcohol or vinegar to cleanse the egg. 

If your egg has a hole drilled you can prepare the egg by stringing it before. 

- Have some massage oil by your side

Because we will also massage our vulva it's important to have natural organic oil, and especially for this part not strong scented oil that contains a mixture of essential oils that could be irritating for such sensitive skin. Please check the ingredients of your oil before. It's possible to have a different oil for massaging your breast, or add a safe essential oil to a neutral organic oil like almond oil. 

- Wash your hands

As we will enjoy a lot of self-touch it's extra comfortable to have washed your hands before.

- Turn your phone on flight-mode

or/and put an alarm if you like to continue or fall asleep after.

Frequently asked questions about yoni egg practice: 

How do I get the egg out?

You can squat down and push the egg out or if there is a small hole drilled in your egg, you can string your egg before inserting it and pull the egg out. For the string you can use unwaxed, unscented dental floss or a cotton thread (which you have to replace every time you use the egg). During the guided practice I will invite you to very slowly pull on the string because that's just such an amazing feeling :) 


Can the egg get lost inside me?

It is anatomically impossible for the egg to get “lost” in your body. If the egg and string happen to travel deep inside your yoni and removal is difficult, you can go to the toilet, press down as if you are going to the toilet and hold your hand at the entrance of your yoni to catch the egg when it comes out. The egg should come out like this, or it will come for sure when you really have to go to the toilet to poo (make sure you catch it ;) Jade is strong enough but most other crystals will break if they make a free fall into the toilet).


How often should I use my egg?

There can't be a 'should' or a goal. If you feel like being called to journey the inner landscape of your yoni, you can tune into her and feel if you have a joyful curiosity to connect deeply with her and in what ways. It’s powerful that when you have created space for this, and even though your yoni doesn’t feel like taking the egg in, you keep dedicating your time and loving presence to her. You can still do all the exercises; visualisation is very powerful (Where the mind goes the chi flows).

Can I use the egg during menstruation?

This is not recommended, especially during your heaviest days, as the natural energy flow is downward and out. The menstruation time is a beautiful moment to give yourself and your yoni a rest, to support your pelvis and womb to relax and release. However, your yoni is the ultimate authority so if she is craving a practice during menstruation, enjoy <3


Will doing Taoist practices and using the egg alter my menstrual cycle?

Many women notice a difference in their cycle while doing these practices - it may be shorter or longer than normal, and over time you may notice your flow and PMS/menstrual symptoms decrease.

Can I use the egg if I have an IUD (spiraaltje)?

Yes, you can but it is not recommended to do any weightlifting with your egg, and of course, always listen to your body and if you experience pain or discomfort remove the egg.


Can I use the egg if I’m pregnant?

Do not use the egg if you are pregnant - this is because you want to keep the energy in your womb, and using the egg and doing the other practices can disperse the energy from your womb and the growing fetus to the rest of your body. Using the egg to prepare your body for pregnancy is advised as it balances hormones and cultivates life- force.

Can I energetically charge my egg?

Yes, crystals are powerful information holders. So you can charge your egg with an intention, in a beautiful nature spot, by placing it in the earth or between flowers, in water, in the sunlight or under the moon.. You can also ask your crystal what it needs and see if there comes an answer in the form of a word, image, song or just a spontaneous idea.


Are Yoni Eggs only for women of reproductive age? No, the yoni egg practice is meant to be a lifelong practice. Pre and peri-menopausal women will find many benefits as well as women who still have a menstrual cycle. The egg is also a type of preventative medicine - it pulls the sexual organs in and up, which prevents prolapse and urinary incontinence.


Does the size of the egg matter?

Some companies sell eggs in different sizes - typically small, medium and large. For most women, a medium size egg is perfect. Women who have given birth vaginally could begin with a large egg but is not always needed. To practice with a smaller egg could be considered as being more difficult because it is more challenging to feel and squeeze the egg.

Anything else?

Please feel free to contact me by the contact form below <3 

Having another question?

If you have a specific question please send an email or a message on whatsapp/telegram <3

phone: 0031612287227

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