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intuition - (self) insight - cleansing
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Amethist ei uit Madagaskar

100 % natuursteen (elk product is uniek, hierdoor kan de kleur afwijken van de foto)
S - 40*25 mm
M - 43*30 mm

The Greeks believed that Amethyst could prevent intoxication, hence the name which came from the Greek word "amethystos" that was derived from two separate words "a" meaning "not" and "methyo" meaning "intoxicate". So it's said the Amethyst yoni eggs are beneficial for those who are easily angered and hot-tempered. Amethyst can soothe and ease anxieties and mental stress which can lead to body tensions and headaches. They also make a good healing stone for those who are overworked, overwhelmed, and over-fatigued.

This quartz is also connected to your third-eye and crown chakra, supporting you to make your dreams, intuition and visions connect deeper with the wisdom of your womb and yoni. It's enhancing your spiritual growth and connection with guidance from your 'Higher' Self. This crystal has overall a relaxing effect on the body.

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