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rooting - selfworth - nurturing
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Rode Jasper ei uit Indië
100 % natuursteen (elk product is uniek, hierdoor kan de kleur afwijken van de foto)
M - 43*30 mm

"Red Jasper has a strong grounding effect, inviting your spirit to deeply root within your body (and all the health benefits that come from this). It mostly affects

the lower chakra's, helping to release blockages and with that support a more free flow of energy. And because it supports you to grow deeper roots, it results in actually being able to fly higher!

Known as the "supreme nurturer", Red Jasper yoni eggs empower anyone who uses it on a regular basis. These eggs aid the user in times of distress, attracting feelings of calmness and integrity. You will be able to discover your own worth and value, and ultimately bring peace and honesty with yourself. "

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