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shadow work - healing - clearing
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Obsidiaan ei uit Mexico
100 % natuursteen (elk product is uniek, hierdoor kan de kleur afwijken van de foto)
M - 43*30 mm

"Obsidian is hardened lava, holding the energy structure of eruption. Bringing the shadow to the light, the subconscious to the conscious. Which doesn't mean per se something negative; there can come up some hidden qualities that you havent yet embraced as being part of you. As this crystal brings 'things' to the light, it is also seen as powerful support to clear energies from past relationships.

Obsidian in shamanism it's seen as the mirror that reflects ones deepest truths. It clears irregularities from the sexual organs, by working on the root causes. Meanwhile, helping you to discovering the magic in the darker nights. Naturally antibacterial and antiviral."

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