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confidence - fertility - expression
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Carneool ei uit Brazilië
100 % natuursteen (elk product is uniek, hierdoor kan de kleur afwijken van de foto)
S - 40*25 mm

Carnelian has been a populair crystal in the Egyptian times being used for many properties. And because of its fiery colour, was often associated with the blood-lust and rage of Egyptian deities. Now it's also known as the Singer's Stone, Carnelian boosts the inner confidence within you and the power of expressing yourself freely and truthfully. It's associated with taking bold actions, fear will disperse from you as you advance your plans with confidence, brining in contagious warm and bright sunny vibes.

Carnelian yoni eggs have the ability to enhance the reproductive organs, increasing fertility. They are also beneficial for those who are going through menstrual or menopausal symptoms, and for individuals or partners who are planning in vitro fertilisation and artificial insemination

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