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​Warmly Welcome Sister, we invite you to a 2 month long - journey into the Yoniverse whilst being deeply held in Sisterhood. It will be a very intimate deep dive overflowing of beauty & wisdom, leaving you nourished, connected with more parts of yourself and most probably very alive. 

After 4 amazing Ode aan de Yoni- retreats, where we so deeply connect with our Yoni, sensuality and female body, we noticed the awakening of a longing, within ourselves and many of the participants, for more intimacy and connection with other sisters. And so the Women's Temple was dreamed into reality. A delicious weekend in a timeless space where we bath in the full potential of sisterhood; being together in such a natural and nourishing way. Now, still in the sweet aftermath of the second Temple weekend, we feel a strong inspiration to facilitate a 2 month Journey with these two offerings included. Because it's just so wonderful to have both these elements being present in a deep dive into your sensuality and femininity. And in this way you will travel together in a group of other sisters, having the opportunity to have more of yourself be seen and held. With online calls and guided practices included to make this journey a beautiful opportunity to travel and unravel deeper into your yoniverse, sensuality, sexuality and femininity.

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A 2 month journey enriched with:

Tao Tantra

Yoni egg initiation, guided practices &


& art


Online meetings,
Sharings, Ceremonies
& celebration

& lots more

Or less, you decide! 

2 Retreats

All inclusive+
Surrounded by nature, receiving nutritious food


This journey is for those who:

  • feel a desire to more deeply embody their female body. ​​

  • feel worthy of receiving support of Sisterhood.

  • are willing to give themselves permission to deeply care for their sensual and emotional bodies

  • have a curiosity towards the connection with their yoni.

  • want to create more time and space for the natural pace of their body. 

  • would love to experience living from a more nourished YIN-state.  

  • are curious about Tao Tantra.

  • ​feel the time has come to create space to lovingly hold some old wounds around pleasure, intimacy, femininity and sexuality. 

  • feel a desire to connect with other sisters and a deeper meeting with their sensual Self. 

  • want to deepen or start with their yoni egg practice. ​

  • value holistic and practical approaches to improve overall wellness.

In case you can't join an Online practice, the recordings will be send to you <3 ​


The live - in person - retreats will take place in AVANI Retreat center, a beautiful location, surrounded by forest and dunes. 


The Value of this journey is in total 2075,- and we offer this all inclusive package to you for:

Abundant Support a sister: 1875,-
Standard: 1675,-
Low income (under 1000 pm): 1475,-


and if you like to pay in terms, please send us a message with the form below <3

Do you want to bath in extra luxury? There's the possibility to book a 2 persons private room. These are 250,- euro per weekend.  

Sisterhood, sensualiteit

In case you can't join an Online practice, the recordings will be send to you <3 ​

" Deze prachtige dagen en samenzijn hebben me nog een laag dieper gebracht, naar mijn verlangens, mijn vuur, naar de diepe verbinding met mijn authentieke zelf, mijn intuïtie en de bijzondere vrouwen om me heen. Ik ben verrast door de mooie practices. Zo werd ik echt geraakt door een ritueel, wat zo ancient voelde, en dus zo normaal en speciaal tegelijkertijd. Ik kan deze beleving elke vrouw aanraden, laat je verwonderen! Ik heb hier geen woorden voor, maar ik kan je vertellen dat het life changing is. Imaya en Maartje weten hun droom magisch mooi tot werkelijkheid te brengen, wat een cadeau om hier onderdeel van te mogen zijn. Zoveel liefde, zachtheid, kracht, flow en diepe verbinding!" 


Women''s Temple

Some testimonials:


Initiatie retreat
Sensual sisterhood weekend

Does this spark some curiosity?

Well, we definitely have a spark of curiosity for you <3 If you feel a YES; you can reserve your spot via the link below. If you don't have this amount of money in your savings right now; you are very welcome to reach out via the form below. And if you live in the experience where you have an abundance of money, there is the opportunity to choose the Abundant ticket. With this ticket you gift your sister a discount<3 

Important read:

This journey isn't the right place for you if you are suffering from an active trauma. Symptoms of an active trauma are: 

  • Having reoccurring nightmares 
  • Experiencing an immense amount of stress by coming across real or symbolic memories of the trauma (think of: starting to sweat, feeling nauseous, physical pain, starting to shake or have your jaws clenching.) 
  • having very vivid memories, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. 

In this case we advice you to first take some time to heal this with a professional therapist.  

& If you are pregnant please let us know! Some Taoistic practices are not recommended for during pregnancy so we can provide some adjustments. And in case you have the desire to get pregnant; most practices will have a positive effect on your fertility.  


Wow all of that being said; we look forward to make this magical journey with you,


A warm embrace, 


Maartje & Imaya 

& If you have questions arising...

Please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you as soon as is possible. 

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